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Introduce Company

Established time: in 2001 Shenzhen
Workshop area: 10000 Square meters in China
Total staff: 270-330 persons in China factory
Production line 9high-frequency welding machines lines and 7 sewing machine lines
Machinery equipment:
2 sets large high-frequency welding machines
15sets slide high-frequency welding machines
200sets standard welding machines
20 sets automatic sewing machines
120sets sewing machines machine
20sets hot press machines, coating machines and cutting machines

Factory in Vietnam

Established ready time: September 2019 in Binh Duong
Workshop area: 3500 Square meters
Total staff: 150 persons
Production line: 3high-frequency welding machines lines 5 sewing machine lines
Machinery equipment:
4 sets slide high-frequency welding machines
50 sets standard welding machines
12 set automatic sewing machines
50 sets sewing machines machines
10 sets binding sewing machines
1set hot press machines, 1set coating machine and 4 cutting machines
5 testing machines: 1 fabric color fastness tester, 1 shaker, 1 pulling force tester, 1 zipper shuttle tester, 1 color shift tester and 1 high temperature testing machince.



Founded Yifulong factory about 1000 square meters in Shenzhen which included 15 persons and special for PVC MP3 bag ,phone case and camera case.


Found Sealock brand. The factory increase to 50 person and workplace increase to 2000spuare meters. The products is phone case, dry bags and backpack by PVC and TPU


Develop and produce more complicate product by PVC and TPU which as backpack,duffel bag,Dry bags,…


Move factory to Dongguan, the workplace increased to 7000 square meters and worker was 200 persons


founded TPU laminated factory in Huizhou to provide materials for our factory


increased one more production lines, the workplace increase to 10000 square meters


found factory in Vietnam

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